Quality System

All WSI products meet the standard ISO9001 requirements. We constantly install brand new & fully automated equipment along with critically advanced lab instruments in order to perform precise quality tests, providing crucial statistical data that contributes to be the base of our enhanced quality improvements and to further incorporate the technical knowledge to reach our goal of improving proficiency and quality.

WSI® Receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification
WSI’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001 by a TQCSI(Australia). The scope of WSI’s certification includes:

“Design and Manufacture of Rubber Products and Stamping Parts, Oil Seals, O-ring, Valve Stem Seal, Rubber Bushings, Torque Rod Bushings, Engine Mounts for Automotives, Motorcycles and Industrial Machineries.”

WSI has been fundamentally committed to strict quality management since the company’s inception, ensuring that WSI oil seal products are of consistently high quality. WSI received ISO 9001:2008 certification upon verification by an independent auditor that it has complied with the rigorous standard, which is the most comprehensive certification of a company’s quality process. It covers virtually every process or operation at WSI that affects product quality, including management, design, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, and after-sales service.

And in 2017, the company established the IATF 16949 Quality Assurance Implementation Committee to pursue better quality.

WSI is a well-organized, experienced, and professional oil seal manufacturers, dedicated to providing customers across the globe with the highest quality oil seal products and service possible.

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