Electrical energy comes from motion, and conversely movement comes from energy. Sealing solutions for motors drive technologies and energy distribution.

Wind power facilities or motors produce torque. Gears strengthen it or increase the rotational speed.

Generators transform kinetic into electrical energy. Solar plants leapfrog these sub steps and produce electricity directly from sunlight.

Distribution facilities ensure that the electricity arrives where it is needed. Electric motors ultimately transform electricity back into kinetic energy.

In the end, gears ensure that conveyors, escalators and elevators operate with the required rotational speed and torque.

To reduce the friction and it is high efficiency.

For each of the described conversions, seals ensure reduced friction and high efficiency.

In doing so, they defy adverse environmental conditions and aggressive media, and they offer the service life and reliability.

Over view the market

  • Energy

  • Wind Power

  • Hydraulic seals and accumulators