Polyacrylate (ACM)

Polyacrylate (ACM)

Polyacrylates or simply acrylate rubbers are copolymers having two major components: the backbone ( monomeric acid ester of alkyl or alkoxy) and the reactive cure-site.

ACMs are high heat and oil resistant, specialty elastomers.

It also well resists to oxygen and ozone even at high temperature.

The low temperature flexibility and chemical resistant of ACM is not good.

For standard ACM the service temperature is -15℃ to 150℃, shortened lifetime up to 175℃. The low service temperature of some special compound can be down to -25℃or less than -25℃.
45 to 80 Shore A are available.
Black, white, original color are available, or any assigned color from customers.
Polyacrylates usually are applied in automatic industry, especially in automatic transmission fluid system