Gamma Seals

Gamma Seals

Gamma Seals

The GAMMA Seal is an axial rotary seal used in a wide range of applications that excludes contamination, moisture and grease.

It consists of an elastomers sealing lip contained in a metal carrier.

This design copes with arduous static and dynamic conditions in mobile hydraulics and power transmission applications.

Because of the Gamma seals’ protective metal case it can operate in rough operating conditions.

The sealing lip tends to exert less contact pressure as the speed increases due to centripetal force, which contributes to proper sealing performance.

As a result, the seal operates both as a ‘deflector ring’ and ‘clearance seal’.

 Decreased friction with increasing rotational speed
 Narrow installation width
 Effective sealing from centrifugal action
 Lower demands on surface smoothness, hardness, and tolerances
 Mechanical protection
 Easy to fit