Flexible Manufacturing System

Flexible Manufacturing System

A Flexible Manufacturing System is a system in which there is some amount of flexibility that allows the system to react depending on the changes.

A diversified small number of equipment will eventually become the trend of the world such as the WSI ERP system that automotives the entire process so as to smoothen the work procedure and help in meeting the customer demand for the scheduled delivery (to ensure delivery accuracy).

30 years of experience, we have the confidence to meet your needs.

As sealing products are being used widely in our daily lives, WSI has progressively moved into the evelopment of various seals to suit different kinds of applications. We aggressively continue to develop high tech and high value added sealing products so that they can be used in wide ranging environments such as Automotive, Industrial, Hydraulic & Pneumatic, Agricultural, etc.

Our experience of over 30 years in developing sealing products has given us the confidence to meet customer requirements.