Product Introduction


We focus on all the important vehicle manufacturers worldwide, whether our contribution is an individual, standard engine seal or a component system developed to meet a particular requirement.

There are absolutely perfection in manufacturing, and outstanding customer service. This results in sealing solutions for cars and commercial vehicles that can be seamlessly integrated into the latest vehicle developments, including engines, transmissions, suspensions, steering systems, drive trains, climate control, brakes, fuel systems, electrification and turbochargers.

Market Overview

  • Driving System: Gear Box, Drive Shaft, Differential Gear Box, and etc.
  • Steering System: Axial Gear Box, Wheel Axle, Hub, Progressive Power Steering, and Combi Seals, etc.
  • Suspension System: Shock Absorber, Automobile Bearing Ball.
  • Engine System: Crank Shaft, Valve, Camshaft, Timing Gear, and etc.