WELL OIL SEAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, founded in 1984, is located in central Taiwan.

For more than 33 years now, WELL OIL SEAL INDUSTRIAL has specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of sealing technologies and precision rubber parts for all of its customers.

With up to 30 years of professional experiences, WELL keep upgrading the technique, facilities, equipment, management and service in order to achieve the superior quality for meeting the various requirements.

Renewal of the ISO 9001 certifications affirms its continued approach to the excellent quality to which WELL OIL SEAL commits itself every day.

Oil Seal. Choose Well!

Your trust is the affirmative for WELL OIL SEAL

Your needs are the driving forces for WELL OIL SEAL


WSI is the First Choice Spare Parts by Quality and Excellent Service

Exclusive Benefits

  1. High-Performance Materials & Innovative Products

  2. Advanced Technology For Your Parts

  3. Excellent Quality Commitment

  4. Reassurance Against Your Risks

  5. Unique Range Of Products

  6. Single Supply Source

  7. Secured Offshore Productions

  8. Low-Cost. High Quality Solutions

  9. Integrated Storage Centre & Logistics Platform

  10. Sustained Reactivity & Controlled Just-In-Time Systems

Sales Regions

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Oceania
  • South America
  • North America


1.   Produce only premium quality products

2.   Enhance quality of life, knowledge, competency and integrity of our staffs for creating happiness organization

3.  Continuous improvement and sustainability

4.  Collaborate with business alliance to develop the work continuously as if being in the same organization for sustainable development and growth